Hodgkin-Huxley Single Compartment Cell

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Neurolex IDs: None
Keywords: squid, Axon, Action Potentials, Invertebrate
Publication: Hodgkin & Huxley (1952) A quantitative description of membrane current and its application to conduction and excitation in nerve. 1952.
A Hodgkin   A Huxley  
Translators: Joe Bowen   Padraig Gleeson   Stephen Larson   Rajnish Ranjan  
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Notes: Increased surface area by 10X
Model Id: NMLCL001426
Associated Channels:
Associated Synapses: None
Associated Networks: None
Current Clamp Response
Meta Protocol: -
Stimulus: -
Closest Electrophysiology Cluster
⇛Rapidly Adapting (RA)
Differentiating Features
Models with Similar Electrophysiology Properties
All Electrophysiology Properties
Is Passive No
Is Intrinsically Spiking No
Resting Voltage -63.80 mV
Rheobase Current Interval (0.13458, 0.13550] nA
Threshold Current Interval (0.17578, 0.23438] nA
Bias Current (to -80.00 mV) -0.7558 nA
Testing Temperature 6.3 °C
Stability Interval [-10.0, 15.0] nA
AP 1-2 Amplitude Drop N/A mV
AP 1 Steady State Amplitude Change N/A mV
AP 1 Amplitude 100.4268 mV
AP 1 Width at Half Height 1.2000 ms
AP 1 Width (Peak To Trough) 2.8400 ms
AP 1 Rate of Change Peak to Trough -42.8893 mV/ms
AP 1 AHP Depth 21.3787 mV
AP2 Amplitude N/A mV
AP2 Width at Half Height N/A ms
AP 2 Width (Peak to Trough) N/A ms
AP 2 Rate of Change Peak to Trough N/A mV/ms
AP 2 AHP Depth N/A mV
AP 1-2 Amplitude Change Percent N/A %
AP 1-2 Half Width Change Percent N/A %
AP 1-2 Rate of Change Peak to Trough Percent Change N/A %
AP 1-2 AHP Depth Percent Change N/A %
Input Resistance 9.5205 MΩ
AP 1 Delay Mean 4.1700 ms
AP 1 Delay SD 0.0000 ms
AP 2 Delay Mean N/A ms
AP 2 Delay SD N/A ms
Burst 1 ISI Mean N/A ms
Burst 1 ISI SD N/A ms
Initial Accommodation Mean -100.0000 %
Steady State Accommodation Mean -100.0000 %
Accommodation Rate to Steady State N/A %/ms
Accommodation at Steady State Mean N/A %
Accommodation Rate Mean at Steady State N/A ms
ISI Median N/A ms
ISI Burst Mean Change N/A %
Spike Rate (Strong Stimulation) 56.0000 Hz
AP 1 Delay Mean (Strong Stimulation) 2.1200 ms
AP 1 Delay SD (Strong Stimulation) 0.0000 ms
AP 2 Delay Mean (Strong Stimulation) 20.1400 ms
AP 2 Delay SD (Strong Stimulation) 0.0000 ms
Burst 1 ISI Mean (Strong Stimulation) 17.9250 ms
Burst 1 ISI SD (Strong Stimulation) 0.0000 ms
Ramp First Spike Time 5286.1200 ms
Frequency Filter Type Low-Pass
Frequency Filter Pass Below 76.1893 Hz
Single compartment, abstract, or point cells do not have morphology data.
Complexity Summary
Relative Complexity 1.00 HH
State Equations 4
Optimal Time-Step 0.01601 ms
Model Size
Sections 1
Compartments 1
State Equations 4
Variable Time-Step Complexity
CVODE Steady State Step Frequency 6215 Hz
CVODE Steps Per AP 329
CVODE Benchmark Run Time 1.00 HH
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