Izhikevich Variable Threshold Cell

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Keywords: , Neuron or other electrically excitable cell, Action Potential Initiation, Activity Patterns, Parameter Fitting, Simplified Models, Tutorial/Teaching, Action Potentials
Publication: Izhikevich (2003) Simple model of spiking neurons
EM Izhikevich  
Translators: Padraig Gleeson   Andrew Davison   Vitor Chaud  
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Notes: None
Model Id: NMLCL001419
Associated Channels: None
Associated Synapses: None
Associated Networks: None
Current Clamp Response
Meta Protocol: -
Stimulus: -
Closest Electrophysiology Cluster
⇛Rapidly Adapting (RA)
Differentiating Features
Models with Similar Electrophysiology Properties
All Electrophysiology Properties
Is Passive No
Is Intrinsically Spiking No
Resting Voltage -64.41 mV
Rheobase Current Interval (0.39162, 0.39825] nA
Threshold Current Interval (1.64062, 1.69922] nA
Bias Current (to -80.00 mV) -6.7192 nA
Testing Temperature 36.0 °C
Stability Interval [-10.0, 15.0] nA
AP 1-2 Amplitude Drop N/A mV
AP 1 Steady State Amplitude Change N/A mV
AP 1 Amplitude 76.5215 mV
AP 1 Width at Half Height 0.1800 ms
AP 1 Width (Peak To Trough) 5.6800 ms
AP 1 Rate of Change Peak to Trough -18.2033 mV/ms
AP 1 AHP Depth 26.8735 mV
AP2 Amplitude N/A mV
AP2 Width at Half Height N/A ms
AP 2 Width (Peak to Trough) N/A ms
AP 2 Rate of Change Peak to Trough N/A mV/ms
AP 2 AHP Depth N/A mV
AP 1-2 Amplitude Change Percent N/A %
AP 1-2 Half Width Change Percent N/A %
AP 1-2 Rate of Change Peak to Trough Percent Change N/A %
AP 1-2 AHP Depth Percent Change N/A %
Input Resistance 2.3477 MΩ
AP 1 Delay Mean 16.0800 ms
AP 1 Delay SD 0.0000 ms
AP 2 Delay Mean N/A ms
AP 2 Delay SD N/A ms
Burst 1 ISI Mean N/A ms
Burst 1 ISI SD N/A ms
Initial Accommodation Mean -100.0000 %
Steady State Accommodation Mean -100.0000 %
Accommodation Rate to Steady State N/A %/ms
Accommodation at Steady State Mean N/A %
Accommodation Rate Mean at Steady State N/A ms
ISI Median N/A ms
ISI Burst Mean Change N/A %
Spike Rate (Strong Stimulation) 15.0000 Hz
AP 1 Delay Mean (Strong Stimulation) 8.3300 ms
AP 1 Delay SD (Strong Stimulation) 0.0000 ms
AP 2 Delay Mean (Strong Stimulation) 71.9500 ms
AP 2 Delay SD (Strong Stimulation) 0.0000 ms
Burst 1 ISI Mean (Strong Stimulation) 65.1800 ms
Burst 1 ISI SD (Strong Stimulation) 0.0000 ms
Ramp First Spike Time 3330.4600 ms
Frequency Filter Type Constant
Single compartment, abstract, or point cells do not have morphology data.
Complexity Summary
Relative Complexity 0.34 HH
State Equations 2
Optimal Time-Step 0.03051 ms
Model Size
Sections 1
Compartments 1
State Equations 2
Variable Time-Step Complexity
CVODE Steady State Step Frequency 1700 Hz
CVODE Steps Per AP 544
CVODE Benchmark Run Time 0.34 HH
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