Superficial Basket Cell

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Neurolex IDs: Neocortex basket cell
Keywords: muticompartment,soma,dendrites,axon,kainate,persistent gamma oscillations,thalamocortical sleep spindles,synchronized population bursts,electrographic seizures,isolated double population bursts with superimposed very fast oscillations,spike-wave,polyspike-wave,fast runs,epileptiform bursts,Electrical coupling, Realistic Network, Activity Patterns, Bursting, Temporal Pattern Generation, Oscillations, Simplified Models, Epilepsy, Sleep, Spindles
Publication: Traub, et. al. (2005) Single-column thalamocortical network model exhibiting gamma oscillations, sleep spindles, and epileptogenic bursts
RD Traub   D Contreras   MO Cunningham   H Murray   FE LeBeau   A Roopun   A Bibbig   WB Wilent   MJ Higley   MA Whittington  
Translators: Padraig Gleeson   Eugenio Piasini   Chaitanya Chintaluri   Daniel Wojcik   Helena Glabska   Jacek Rogala   Michael Hines   Subhasis Ray   Tom├ís Alfonso   Yates Buckley  
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Notes: None
Model Id: NMLCL001144
Associated Channels:
Associated Synapses: None
Associated Networks:
Current Clamp Response
Meta Protocol: -
Stimulus: -
Closest Electrophysiology Cluster
⇛Non-Positive Rheobase (npRB)
Differentiating Features
Models with Similar Electrophysiology Properties
All Electrophysiology Properties
Is Passive No
Is Intrinsically Spiking Yes
Resting Voltage N/A mV
Rheobase Current Interval (N/A, N/A] nA
Threshold Current Interval (N/A, N/A] nA
Bias Current (to N/A mV) N/A nA
Testing Temperature 6.3 °C
Stability Interval [-3.4375, 15.0] nA
AP 1-2 Amplitude Drop N/A mV
AP 1 Steady State Amplitude Change N/A mV
AP 1 Amplitude N/A mV
AP 1 Width at Half Height N/A ms
AP 1 Width (Peak To Trough) N/A ms
AP 1 Rate of Change Peak to Trough N/A mV/ms
AP 1 AHP Depth N/A mV
AP2 Amplitude N/A mV
AP2 Width at Half Height N/A ms
AP 2 Width (Peak to Trough) N/A ms
AP 2 Rate of Change Peak to Trough N/A mV/ms
AP 2 AHP Depth N/A mV
AP 1-2 Amplitude Change Percent N/A %
AP 1-2 Half Width Change Percent N/A %
AP 1-2 Rate of Change Peak to Trough Percent Change N/A %
AP 1-2 AHP Depth Percent Change N/A %
Input Resistance N/A MΩ
AP 1 Delay Mean N/A ms
AP 1 Delay SD N/A ms
AP 2 Delay Mean N/A ms
AP 2 Delay SD N/A ms
Burst 1 ISI Mean N/A ms
Burst 1 ISI SD N/A ms
Initial Accommodation Mean N/A %
Steady State Accommodation Mean N/A %
Accommodation Rate to Steady State N/A %/ms
Accommodation at Steady State Mean N/A %
Accommodation Rate Mean at Steady State N/A ms
ISI Median N/A ms
ISI Burst Mean Change N/A %
Spike Rate (Strong Stimulation) N/A Hz
AP 1 Delay Mean (Strong Stimulation) N/A ms
AP 1 Delay SD (Strong Stimulation) N/A ms
AP 2 Delay Mean (Strong Stimulation) N/A ms
AP 2 Delay SD (Strong Stimulation) N/A ms
Burst 1 ISI Mean (Strong Stimulation) N/A ms
Burst 1 ISI SD (Strong Stimulation) N/A ms
Ramp First Spike Time N/A ms
Frequency Filter Type N/A
Frequency Filter Pass Above N/A Hz
Frequency Filter Pass Below N/A Hz
3D Structure and Propagation of Activity
L-Measure Properties
Soma Surface 0.0 µm2
Number of Stems 0.0
Number of Bifurcations 13.0
Number of Branches 27.0
Overall Width 355.992 µm
Overall Height 448.023 µm
Overall Depth 355.99 µm
Average Diameter 1.45703 µm
Total Length 2425.15 µm
Total Surface 9240.12 µm2
Total Volume 6058.03 µm3
Max Euclidean Distance 332.963 µm
Max Path Distance 364.481 µm
Max Branch Order 6.0
Average Contraction 0.997837
Total Fragmentation 123.0
Partition Asymmetry 0.450916
Average Rall's Ratio 1.74889
Average Bifurcation Angle Local 85.2864 °
Average Bifurcation Angle Remote 83.4952 °
Fractal Dimension 1.0
Complexity Summary
Relative Complexity N/A HH
State Equations 15898
Optimal Time-Step N/A ms
Model Size
Sections 59
Compartments 1130
State Equations 15898
Variable Time-Step Complexity
CVODE Steady State Step Frequency N/A Hz
CVODE Steps Per AP N/A
CVODE Benchmark Run Time N/A HH
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