Layer 2/3 Burst Accommodating Martinotti Cell (1)

Model Type:
Neurolex IDs: Neocortex Layer 2
Neocortex Layer 3
Martinotti Cell
Keywords: burst accommodating,Layer 2, Layer 3, Layer 2/3,GABAergic, inhibitory, neocortex, rat, somatosensory cortex, Martinotti
Publication: Markram, et. al. (2015) Reconstruction and Simulation of Neocortical Microcircuitry.
H Markram   Eilif Muller   Srikanth Ramaswamy   Michael Reimann   Marwan Abdellah   Carlos Sanchez   Anastasia Ailamaki   Lidia Alonso-Nanclares   Nicolas Antille   Selim Arsever   Guy Kahou   Thomas Berger   Ahmet Bilgili   Nenad Buncic   Athanassia Chalimourda   Giuseppe Chindemi   Jean-Denis Courcol   Fabien Delalondre   Vincent Delattre   Shaul Druckmann   Raphael Dumusc   James Dynes   Stefan Eilemann   Eyal Gal   Michael Gevaert   Jean-Pierre Ghobril   Albert Gidon   Joe Graham   Anirudh Gupta   Valentin Haenel   E Hay   Thomas Heinis   Juan Hernando   Michael Hines   Lida Kanari   Daniel Keller   John Kenyon   Georges Khazen   Yihwa Kim   James King   Zoltan Kisvarday   Pramod Kumbhar   Jean-Vincent Le Bé   Bruno Magalhães   Angel Merchán-Pérez   Julie Meystre   Benjamin Morrice   Jeffrey Muller   Alberto Muñoz-Céspedes   Shruti Muralidhar   Keerthan Muthurasa   Daniel Nachbaur   Taylor Newton   Max Nolte   Aleksandr Ovcharenko   Juan Palacios   Luis Pastor   Rodrigo Perin   Rajnish Ranjan   Imad Riachi   Juan Riquelme   Christian Rössert   Konstantinos Sfyrakis   Ying Shi   Julian Shillcock   Gilad Silberberg   Ricardo Silva   Farhan Tauheed   Martin Telefont   Maria Toledo-Rodriguez   Thomas Tränkler   Werner Van Geit   Jafet Diaz   Richard Walker   Yun Wang   Stefano Zaninetta   Javier DeFelipe   S Hill   Idan Segev   F Schürmann  
Translators: Padraig Gleeson  
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L-Measure Metric Value
Soma Surface 8548.42 µm2
Number of Stems 4.0
Number of Bifurcations 115.0
Number of Branches 233.0
Overall Width 526.179 µm
Overall Height 692.906 µm
Overall Depth 303.89 µm
Average Diameter 0.813684 µm
Total Length 8348.15 µm
Total Surface 16904.2 µm2
Total Volume 5950.3 µm3
Max Euclidean Distance 405.813 µm
Max Path Distance 568.857 µm
Max Branch Order 10.0
Average Contraction 0.985904
Total Fragmentation 1938.0
Partition Asymmetry 0.328374
Average Rall's Ratio 0.74913
Average Bifurcation Angle Local 29.6239 °
Average Bifurcation Angle Remote 39.524 °
Fractal Dimension 1.00345
Cell Properties:
Membrane Properties
Is Passive No
Is Intrinsically Spiking No
Resting Voltage -69.20 mV
Rheobase Current Interval (0.0687, 0.0698] nA
Threshold Current Interval (0.2344, 0.2930] nA
Bias Current (to -80.00 mV) -0.0522 nA
Testing Temperature 34.0 °C
Complexity Properties
Sections 234
Compartments 438
State Equations 4401
Stability Interval [-2.1875, 15.0] nA
Maximum Stable dt 0.0625 ms
Maximum Stable dt Error 1.19 %
Max. Stable dt Benchmark Run time 2189.28 HH
Run time-vs-Error Optimal dt 0.00776 ms
Optimal dt Error 0.14 %
Optimal dt Benchmark Run time 1128.56 HH
CVODE Steady State Step Frequency 13017 Hz
CVODE Steps Per AP 556
CVODE Benchmark Run time 1069.97 HH
Associated Channels:
Associated Synapses: None
Associated Networks: None
Notes: None
Model Id: NMLCL000107
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