KCa BK Type Fast Calcium Dependent Potassium Channel

Model Type:
Neurolex IDs: Calcium activated potassium channel, KCa
Keywords: None
Publication: Traub, et. al. (2003) Fast rhythmic bursting can be induced in layer 2/3 cortical neurons by enhancing persistent Na+ conductance or by blocking BK channels.
RD Traub   Eberhard Buhl   Tengis Gloveli   MA Whittington  
Translators: Padraig Gleeson   Eugenio Piasini   Chaitanya Chintaluri   Daniel Wojcik   Helena Glabska   Jacek Rogala   Michael Hines   Subhasis Ray   Tom├ís Alfonso   Yates Buckley  
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Notes: Voltage clamp simulation runs without problems, but the channel is not valid against NeuroML schema v2beta5.
Model Id: NMLCH000152
Associated Cells:
Voltage Clamp Response
[Ca2+] level (mM): -
Stimulus: -
Property Value
Testing Temperature 36 °C
State Equations 2
Stability Interval [-150.0, 70.0] mV
Complexity Summary
State Equations 2
Optimal Time-Step N/A ms
Relative Complexity N/A HH
Model Size
Sections N/A
Compartments N/A
State Equations 2
Fixed Time-Step Run Time vs. Voltage Potential Error
Run Time-vs-Error Optimal Time-Step N/A ms
Optimal Time-Step Error N/A %
Optimal Time-Step Benchmark Run Time N/A HH
Maximum Stable Time-Step N/A ms
Maximum Stable Time-Step Error N/A %
Max. Stable Time-Step Benchmark Run Time N/A HH
Variable Time-Step Complexity
CVODE Steady State Step Frequency N/A Hz
CVODE Steps Per AP N/A
CVODE Benchmark Run Time N/A HH
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