NeuroML-DB Application Programming Interface (API)

NeuroML Database provides the following RESTful API. HTTP requests can be made to the following URLs and will return results in JSON format.

Search/List Models

Search models by keywords /api/search?q=[query] q: keyword search string
Get all models in the database /api/models

Get Model Details

Get the details of a model /api/model?id=[NMLID] id: Model ID from /api/models
Get a waveform of a model /api/waveform?id=[id] id: Waveform ID from /api/model?id=[NMLID]
Get cell morphology GIF /api/gif?id=[NMLID] id: Model ID from /api/models
Get cell morphometrics /api/morphometrics?id=[NMLID] id: Model ID from /api/models


Get all models grouped by their ModelDB ID /api/models_for_modeldb Note: This web service is used for NeuroML-DB and ModelDB integration.

Browser extensions like JSON Viewer are useful for visualizing JSON results.

See the following examples for consuming JSON objects using Python, MATLAB, or R.

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